About Us

A2 wine and culture is an Andalusian Co-operative organisation. Its members are an integral part of the business structure combining work and pleasure to achieve their mission regarding teaching people around the world about wine.
The project started off as the dream of Alvaro Martin, a lover of art, wine and travel who decided to make his dream and hobby into his vocation and business. After much hard work, qualifying for his degree in Winemaking and then further studying towards his Masters degree in Economics and Business, he has turned his company into a thriving and successful business that offers great wine tasting events and wine and gastronomical tours.
A2 Wine and culture is a personal project in which we aim to transmit our love and passion for wine into an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for you our customers. We aim to show you the beauty of the Spanish culture and way of life and of course encourage you to have plenty of fun learning about wine.

We are happy to answer your questions related to any topic and aim to answer as much as we can. We are a dynamic business which has grown and developed over the last five years and welcome the chance to learn and grow further.